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Is Bread the Worst Thing You Can Eat for Hashimoto’s?


In my experience, the thing that flares my Hashimoto’s the worst is BREAD.  It flares it worse than sugar or anything else I could eat.  I don’t know if it is because the bread is somehow fermenting in your intestines, or if possibly it is because bread goes through your intestines slowly, but it is really bad.

Some people believe that bread gluten is similar to the type of protein in human cells.  Since it is similar to our own protein and has not been fully digested, it can cause an immune response.  Many people are being made ill from their daily cereal or sandwich and do not even know it.

The grains that are used to make today’s bread are different than the type used 100 years ago.  They are not only highly refined, but they choose a type of wheat that makes nice fluffy bread.  The grains have proteins that can cause an immune response in some people.

You might try to stop all grains.  That means, no bread, no cereal, no muffins, no fried chicken ( you can use coconut flour).  Just try it for a week.  You should feel better within a few days.

There are also times that one type of wheat will not cause a really bad reaction, then I try another type of wheat and I react badly.

I have done allergy treatments (NAET) and also take Chinese herbs regularly.  This allows me to eat a little wheat.  Sometimes it is a matter of how much you eat.  You can perhaps have one piece of bread, but not 3.  You will need to experiment to see what you can eat.  Everyone is different.



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