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How Coconut Oil Can Help Thyroid Problems









Coconut Oil is anti-fungal.  It kills fungus topically on your skin and in your intestines.

Coconut is very unlikely to go rancid and is the oil of choice for cooking.

Coconut oil can increase metabolism

Coconut oil is believed to boost metabolism and help your thyroid

There are many Books on Amazon about coconut oil.  It is a very healthy oil to cook with and consume in general.  You can buy it in jars and also in capsules to take with you on trips or when you don’t want to drink it.

You want to look for extra virgin coconut oil.  The extra virgin oil is taken from the first pressing of the oil, just as with olive oil.

When they extract the oil, sometimes heat is used or the remainders of the first coconut oil pressing.  It is important not to eat rancid oil.  It is extremely toxic to your body.

Tropical Traditions makes a very good coconut oil.  I also like Nutiva , which is sold on Amazon. It is extra virgin and has a pleasant light coconut smell. You will not really taste it in your food.


What I like in a coconut oil is when it is creamy and white. That shows they have not filtered out all the coconut. When it melts, it is clear.



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