Back Pain – Natural Remedies to Relieve Back Pain

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Back pain has several very common, but not well known causes.  If you treat the root of back pain, you can relieve the pain for good. As an acupuncturist, I have treated hundreds of cases of back pain.  Since most people do not have access to an acupuncturist, I have written a book on how […]

Globus Hystericus Attack On Your Thyroid

  Chances are, if you have Hashimoto’s, you have experienced what is called “plum pit Qi” in Chinese Medicine. It can feel like someone is choking you It feels like something is caught in your throat.  You cannot swallow it or spit it out It can also be called “globus hystericus”.  Literally, something that is […]

Globus Hystericus and Plum Pit Qi

  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis sufferers often have “globus hystericus”.   It means literally when you have a ball that makes you hysterical.  You do become hysterical.  You have no idea what it is or why you feel you are being choked.  This severe of a reaction is not as common as just having a feeling of something […]

How Coconut Oil Can Help Thyroid Problems

                Coconut Oil is anti-fungal.  It kills fungus topically on your skin and in your intestines. Coconut is very unlikely to go rancid and is the oil of choice for cooking. Coconut oil can increase metabolism Coconut oil is believed to boost metabolism and help your thyroid There […]

Food Allergies Can Crash Your Thyroid

  Many people do not know they are allergic to different foods.  That is a big cause of allergic responses and auto-immune diseases in general. Common symptoms of food allergies are: Coughing, even slight coughing while eating or after eating Having a runny nose when exposed to certain foods Clearing your throat often (caused by […]

Candida diet often helps Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid

  I have found that if I follow an anti-candida diet, which usually entails eating none of my favorite foods, I feel a lot better. On a Candida diet, you usually can eat vegetables, protein and beans.  If you refrain from eating the sugar, grains and dairy that aggravate or increase Candida growth, you should […]

Candida diet often helps Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid

I have done a lot of testing and research lately.  I have a patient who was diagnosed with Lupus and another patient with Hashimoto’s. For years I have thought that Hashimoto’s was primarily caused by Candida.  I no longer think that.  I’ve been reading about how bad bacteria in your intestines actually irritate the lining […]

Is Bread the Worst Thing You Can Eat for Hashimoto’s?

  In my experience, the thing that flares my Hashimoto’s the worst is BREAD.  It flares it worse than sugar or anything else I could eat.  I don’t know if it is because the bread is somehow fermenting in your intestines, or if possibly it is because bread goes through your intestines slowly, but it […]

Hashimotos Thyroiditis Symptoms

Hashimotos is a major cause of thyroid problems in America. One of the major differentiating symptoms that makes it obvious that an auto-immune problem is causing the thyroid to underfunction is the feeling that something is caught in the throat.  You feel your throat is swelling up. You sometimes cough and feel that something is […]

Dairy Allergies Can Affect Your Thyroid

          Many people are intolerant of dairy and don’t even know it.  It is not just the lactose, which is the milk sugar, it is the proteins in the milk.  Milk is a big part of our diets in America.  We eat cheese, cream in our coffee, milk on our cereal, […]

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